Thursday, October 17, 2013

Boho Refashion

I found this really awesome cotton print mumu dress at Goodwill. Sadly, it was incredibly wrong for my body type. As an pear shape, drop waist dresses do nothing to help balance my hips with the rest of my body. Instead, they tend to accent the one area I am always trying to minimize.
Naturally, because I love the print and feel of this dress, I just refashioned it. It's super fun and flattering to my body shape now!
Here is what it looks like by itself, without the vest. I like it both ways, but the vest helps further define my waist.
 How would you refashion it?
delirious rhapsody


  1. The dress looks way better now-you did an amazing job! Love it!

  2. Judy from OvertiredMommy.comOctober 17, 2013 at 10:33 AM

    Wow! I love what you did with that dress! Love it!

  3. i love it with the vest! i can't believe you re-purposed that mumu into a gorgeous dress like that!

  4. That is amazingly awesome! I love it! Seriously, if I saw it in a store I'd buy it.
    (I really need to learn how to sew well. There's so many things you make me want to refashion.)

  5. This is such an amazing refashion! The after is pretty amazing.

  6. Looks amazing! And...what a planet-friendly action!!! xo T.

  7. Refashioning is such fun. I really like how your last shot catches the flippy skirt in such a flirty way.

  8. That was such a good redo of that dress! Love it so much now! I am pear shaped too! And I noticed the one maxi dress I bought will need revamping just because I fall into the same category!

  9. Holy wow! You are so, so, so amazing. This is one of the best re-fashioned dresses I've ever seen. That's incredibly flattering on you!


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