Saturday, October 12, 2013

Polka Dot Skirt

 Hey guys! I made a lovely polka dot skirt last month, and just now got around to wearing it! The weather is turning chilly here, so I paired it with this lovely silk green top that I bought from my local Goodwill.
I really want to make more skirts like this. I installed my first non-machine-eaten zipper (seriously, my sewing machine laughs at me every time I attempt a zipper, but this time I prevailed!) and the skirt is two layers. I love it. It came out a little big, but you can't really tell.
The dotted necklace I'm wearing is also thrifted. And isn't my hair getting long?  Super excited about that. Wonder what I'll do with it next?

I'm linking up with Fall Fashion Week for the next six days! You should totally link up too. Because, I would love to know how you would wear a dotted skirt!
delirious rhapsody
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