Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My Favorite Vegan Sandwich

So, I frequent this awesome coffee shop in my home town called "The Muse" and they make this amazing hummus wrap. I crave it all the time so I decided to remake it at home in sandwich form!
 You need bread. Duh. I don't toast mine, but I'm sure you could.
I put a thin layer of hummus on both sides, and then a handful of spinach on one side, so the hummus kinda holds it in place. I top that off with a little bit of red onion and a few cucumbers. I LOVE cucumbers. 
Then I add some kalamata olives. You can cut these up, or use kalamata olive paste--but I just sit them on the side and nibble on them as I'm eating. That way I can control the kalamata flavoring.
This is seriously the best thing ever. I'm not even kidding you. The olives really add to the flavor. At the Muse they also add goat cheese, and maybe a few other things (can't remember) and they use a wrap, not a sandwich--but this is my knock off. And right now I'm not eating cheese, so yeah. :D
Whats your favorite sandwich?

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