Monday, December 16, 2013

New Glasses

I recently was gifted with some new glasses by my wonderful husband! I've been needing/wanting a new pair for awhile. Oh, did I mention I absolutely love them? Well, I do! I can't remember what website we ordered from...because it was about a month ago...but it wasn't sponsored or anything, so I suppose it does not matter.

I like how the marbled brown effect matches my hair. Also, the fact that I can see better. That's always a good thing, right? I know, they look totally hipster. And I'm not really a hipster. Or am I? I'm not quite sure anymore. I know I look like a hipster. Most of the time. When I'm not wearing my husband's sweat pants. I think I'm okay with it for now.

How is everyone doing? I've been okay. Recently reading Walking with God by John Eldredge, and drinking a lot of tea. And hiding inside. Because it is cold. But my skin could probably use some outside-rays. Generally good for your health, right?

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