Saturday, December 28, 2013

Best of 2013: Books

I saw this prompt over at Sew Technicolor, and wanted to do a post because I also read a ton.

So, what books did I read and enjoy this year? Well, if you want to know everything I read, you can check out my goodreads, but I don't keep up with it as well as I should. I tend to add books in spurts, like every 3-4 months when I realize my list of "read" is getting ridiculously long and I better add some before I forget everything. Can anyone else relate?

My favorite books of 2013:
(there are no spoilers are in this blog post, by the way!)

In Young Adult
  • The Truth-Teller's Tale (Shinn)
  • The Thirteenth Princess (Zahler)
  • Thirteenth Child (Wrede)  
  • The Invisible Princess (Burke)
  • Across the Great Barrier (Wrede)
  • Bitterblue (Cashore)
  • The Goldsmith's Daughter (Landman)
  • Airborn (Oppel)

Fantasy/ Science Fiction
  • The Fairy Godmother (Lackey)
  • The Wizard of London (Lackey)
  • Time of the Eagle (Jordan) 
  • Agenda 21 (Beck)
  • Green Rider (Britain)

  • Marcia Schuyler (a re-read by Livingston)
  • Plays: One (Anouilh)

I read a bunch of other books as well, but these were just my absolute favorite. What did you read and enjoy this year?

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