Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sewing and Finances

My husband and I are attempting to use the "envelope system" for our budget. If you don't know, it is basically where you withdraw X amount of $$ from your bank account where X = your budget. You then only spend the cash, leaving credit and bank cards at home for emergencies.

It's working really great. But I needed a place to store each specific $$. So "groceries" does not somehow turn into "yarn fund," you know? (This never happens. Okay, it sometimes happens. But rarely. Like, only when the yarn is super pretty. Or on sale. Or I happen to drive by a yarn shop. Uh...)

Anyway, I wanted to make my own wallet! So I made four cute pouches and then sewed them all together and made this button closer!

I am sad to say this might be my last sewing project for awhile, because my sewing machine is broken at the moment. The tension is all wonky and I can't figure it out! But that's okay--I'm knitting up at storm and completely occupied.


Rachel G said...

Oh no! A broken sewing machine?? That's no fun at all! But you do still have your other crafts to keep you busy for now. Your new wallet is cute!

Charlotte Wood said...

You KNOW that I love this! I recommend the envelope system to everyone.

Erin Sanders said...

You know the drill how to sew perfectly no matter what fabric was. Awesome


Joanna said...

My husband and I have done the envelope system on and off for the past few years. Overall, I think it works really well once you get your monthly expenses done pay and remember to budget for little things that pop up. I hope it works for you!

I bought an envelope system on Etsy that works too- but yours is way cuter!