Friday, December 6, 2013

Amazing Fog

So, a few weeks ago my husband and I stayed in a hotel for our one year anniversary. The next morning we slept in, and when we awoke there was this amazing blanket of very thick fog covering the hills. It was wet, breathtaking, and disorienting all at once! I've never seen fog like this!

Naturally I had to take pictures in it.

While my husband was showering, I slipped outside. It was just me and the fog and I felt like I was in wonderland. After a few steps everything turns white...

Later, we drove above the fog and saw it spread out all over the mountainside like thick bunches of fluffy cotton candy.

I could spend all day staring. So much fun. By the time I was done taking self-pictures and my husband had finally packed his bags up and joined me--my hair was fuzzy and damp from all the dew. I guess spending all day in a cloud really wouldn't be ideal to ones hairstyle, no matter how dreamy. Oh, well. Still worth it! He took this time lapse of me and then we took a few fog pictures together.

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