Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Ordinary Knight

Awhile ago the owner of Typative Mama Cat, Heidi Lyn Burke, contacted me about reviewing her self-published book, The Ordinary Knight and The Invisible Princess. When I decided not to blog for awhile, I totally forgot about this, but no biggie! I've been so sick the last few days that I really haven't been able to even work on my own manuscript...

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed her novel!  Its done in two parts; and I would categorize it as a adolescent love story. I loved how the book promotes abstinence and self-esteem. Throughout the book love is constantly shown to be sacrificial, and not merely physical, and appearance (beauty) is shown to be something secondary in favor of relationships and family. Heidi is a Christian--but God and Christianity is not discussed in the novel. The morals of a biblical foundation however, are regularly implemented in the writing--a fact I found very refreshing. You'll find no steamy sex scenes in this book!
My favorite part of her novel was the story of the invisible princess, and the antics she perpetrates to chase away her suitors. Hilarious! I found this picture on deviant art that I thought went so well with her book that I just suck it in here, rather then just copying her cover art.

Heidi also has a cool articles on her blog about how to self-publish, if you are interested in that sort of thing.


  1. Wow these stories sound really good. I'll be heading over to take a peek xxx

  2. I love that deviant art photo! It's very mysterious, a little creepy, but interesting. :D

  3. lovely review, and man that is a freaky photo! btw from someone who love literature to another, have you read life of pi? I just saw the movie and thought they did as great of a job as the book. Just curious what you think about it all! :)

  4. I have been staring at this photo on here for about 20 minutes now. Its awesome.

  5. I've seen this picture at c: Very
    mysterious, intriguing picture! Xx

  6. Yes! If you noticed I did link my source to the picture underneath!

  7. Haha okay :P I've never seen real housewives...


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