Friday, September 20, 2013

Novel Working

I'm taking the entire rest of the month to work on my novel! If you are interested in following along, I will still be updating instagram at @moonofsilver and on twitter @moonofsilver. I can't think of anything particular to blog about lately, anyway.
I'll be back in October just in time to participate in Fall Fashion Week over on Delirious Rhapsody!


  1. I will miss your posts :( but I shall catch you on twitter xxx

  2. GOOD LUCK! Hopefully this set-aside time will allow you to make some progress.

  3. Good luck with your novel (and I hope you are feeling better)! Fall fashion week sounds fun, I may have to participate :)

  4. I am totally feeling better now. It was rough for a few days through! Thanks...and you should participate!


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