Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Drunk Stories

Well, the title of this might be a bit misleading. If you think that I will be the drunk one in these stories, then you are going to be disappointed. These are just some of the tales from when I used to work until 2:30 AM at Virginia Polytechnic Institute at DXpress, the only dining hall that was open past 8pm.  I worked there from 2009 to 2011, if memory serves me correct--and during this time I served a lot of drunk people. Just a warning--some of these stories are kinda gross. Oh, before you ask, I wasn't there during any of the shootings that took place at VT, through I know people who were.
Me in my uniform...
Setting, sometime after midnight, on a Friday.

We were out of burgers. Our grill guy was making some, but for right now there was a young lady waiting for a cheeseburger. Wait. Double take. What...is that? Is that...what I think it is? Yes. I am looking at the nude bottoms of a girl, because her pants are falling down. She pulls them up sluggishly. She isn't wearing any underwear. It happens two more times before she finally gets her burger, and then she stagger-walks away. Should I tell someone? What should I do? I tell someone. They sigh. Apparently this happens a lot, through this is my first time seeing it. I am told that if she passes out, or makes a scene, or does not pull her pants back up, we can call the police. But under the law, nothing can be done right now. As I go back to my station, I feel strangely sorry for her.

Setting, sometime after midnight, on a Saturday

One of our coworkers come rushing in. Apparently two college kids are having sex right outside under the tree next to our building. Two more of them rush out to see. Someone tapes it on their phone, and tries to show everyone who is working. I don't look. Somehow a manager finds out, who immediately calls the cops. I'm shocked, and disgusted, and for most of the night this is all anyone talks about. (Yes, the guy who taped in on his phone was fired. Not sure if that was the reason he was fired--he was kinda an off the wall crazy guy, but a few weeks later he was gone)

Setting, many times on a Friday or Saterday

A girls shirt falls off. She's wearing one of those strapless numbers and no bra. She is soooo drunk she can hardly walk. She passes out right at the register, her shirt around her waist, and my manager has to call the police who take her away. She was regularly drunk in our establishment.

Another Friday

There is a drunk girl eating in the lobby. She starts making out with this guy. Does she know him? She pulls him into the bathroom. They start getting busy. Loudly. They are in the girls bathroom. We are all looking at each other, like, what do we do? Should we go in there? The customers are laughing. But, suddenly she starts screaming about being raped! What? She is the one who started making out with him, right? Did she not know what she was doing? The police arrest both of them. I am shocked.

I could go on, but lets not. If anything, working at a secular university taught me to drink responsibly.

Authors note: I never saw a situation that VT managers didn't handle by the book, so don't think I'm bashing my old workplace. Besides hating my hours, and the cheeseburgers, VT wasn't a bad place to be employed. The pay was good, (I was salary for the first year, then hourly the next by choice) and the managers were always kind and fair--well, besides the one who tried to get me fired, that is. It was just the crew that would step out of line and cause ruckus, and we were always told be behave when this happened and chastised fairly. And when you work on a college campus--something is bound to go crazy wrong sometime. Especially when you work until 3am.


Rachel G said...

Oh man, I gotta say--stories like this make me grateful that the college I went to had a dry campus. It doesn't mean no one ever snuck alcohol in or got drunk, but the people who did usually got reported to campus safety pretty quickly--I think it definitely made the campus seem like a safer place to be at night. Seriously, last week I went to a late-night carnival at my college, and I really loved the atmosphere. There was a bounce house and a mechanical bull and a dunk tank and a fire-eating guy--and loud music, cheap pizza and pop and popcorn, but no one there was drunk, nothing felt too rowdy or unsafe, and I liked that atmosphere!

Charlotte Paris Wood said...

These are great stories! Life is such an adventure.

Deanna Fike said...

i have worked in a plethora of different restaurants, and fortunately only one of them served alcohol. i have only had a run in with one drunk guy. he came in and ordered a milkshake. i brought it to his table, and he fell asleep over into it. this was like 11 am. it flew out everywhere and got all over him, but it didn't wake him up. he was just sitting at a booth, with his face on the tabletop covered in strawberry shake. my boss called the cops. the cop who came to get him ended up eating in our restaurant before heading back to the station, and the man was staring at me from the back of the cop car when my shift was over. it was creepy.

Ellie said...

Sounds very eventful indeed xxx