Monday, September 9, 2013

Refashion it: High-Lo

So, I found this pretty purple dress at Goodwill. I love it, but it is a bit long. I wanted to spice it up! I decided to add a high-lo hem to the dress, and show off my new galaxy leggings that I bought from target at the same time. I think they really make this outfit. Well, the concept for creating a high-lo hem is really simple. Basically, you turn, cut, and sew.

  • First, turn the dress on the side. Lay it flat and make sure the skirt back and front is flush with each other.
  • Then, cut a swoosh! See the line in the middle of my dress? I used that as a guide, because I knew that is where it would hit my sides.
  • Before I sewed it, I tried it on to make sure I had cut correctly. Then, I hemmed my edge with a zig-zag stitch because my dress is made of knit (stretchy) material.

I love my new (to me) dress and my (to infinity) and beyond leggings. How would you style galaxy leggings? I think they go great with simple one-tone dresses to show off all their funky business. I've wanted a pair of these leggings forever. And by forever, I mean, ever since I knew they existed. Which might have been only a year or two. Or three.
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