Thursday, September 19, 2013

How I met you

Ever wondered how I met you? Well, I'm going to tell you today how I found your blog!
Rennes: First blog I ever found. The reason I started blogging. I googled "leather purse" or hippie boho bag or something. Also, first giveaway I ever won was from her.
EvaForever: Found through Rennes
ModaMama- Saw your link on WWIW
The Random Writings- also saw your link on WWIW
Delirious Rhapsody- Saw your (multiple) comments on The Random Writings. They were interesting and funny. Clicked to your site and then I started making comments there.
Wifessionals- Clicked on an ad button on someone's sidebar (don't remember who...)
Typative Mama Cat- You started commenting on my site. I always check out the sites of those who comment.
Peace it all Together- saw your button on Wifessionals
Across and Down-again, saw your link on WIWW
Pop Champagne- Some random girl added me on G+ so I checked out her blog--it was terrible. So I went back and clicked on a random person on her G+ page, and it was you.
Oh Whimsical Me- Randomly surfing through Passion Fruit looking for swaps
My Little Mustache- Saw an article she wrote about her abortion story when she was 17 on the GWP
Vicki Sheehan- Met you and one of your daughters at a craft fair! Then bought one of your journals!
Sew Technicolor- Became your pen pall through Oliver and Abraham's 
The Contents of my Head- we had a similar Facebook friend. saw your post on her page about your blog. Clicked.
Kitty and Buck: Saw your ad on someone's sidebar. It had the word kitty in it--my blog is kitty-ears, so I naturally had to follow you.
Wellies, Crochet & Cows- I mailed you a book from my book giveaway blog post! 
Michmash- You commented a lot on The Random Writings.
Magical Daydreams: You asked to button swap with me (or I with you? can't remember)
Addie Marie: Found you through etsy, from that beautiful boho layered blue skirt you made. By searching "patchwork skirt"
Esther from the Sticks: Found you thought Addie Marie. She linked you in one of her posts, one time.
Color me Brave: Ahh! I can't remember. Do you?
Courtney Godby: Found your blog through your brothers, he had a link up one time
I'm sure there are more, but sometimes I can't remember how I met some bloggers. Any of you know how you met me? Is it because I started commenting on your blog? Let me know! Even if you don't have a blog, I still think its cool when you tell me how you found mine. Like, I met EmmaRead through the Days app!

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