Thursday, September 19, 2013

How I met you

Ever wondered how I met you? Well, I'm going to tell you today how I found your blog!
Rennes: First blog I ever found. The reason I started blogging. I googled "leather purse" or hippie boho bag or something. Also, first giveaway I ever won was from her.
EvaForever: Found through Rennes
ModaMama- Saw your link on WWIW
The Random Writings- also saw your link on WWIW
Delirious Rhapsody- Saw your (multiple) comments on The Random Writings. They were interesting and funny. Clicked to your site and then I started making comments there.
Wifessionals- Clicked on an ad button on someone's sidebar (don't remember who...)
Typative Mama Cat- You started commenting on my site. I always check out the sites of those who comment.
Peace it all Together- saw your button on Wifessionals
Across and Down-again, saw your link on WIWW
Pop Champagne- Some random girl added me on G+ so I checked out her blog--it was terrible. So I went back and clicked on a random person on her G+ page, and it was you.
Oh Whimsical Me- Randomly surfing through Passion Fruit looking for swaps
My Little Mustache- Saw an article she wrote about her abortion story when she was 17 on the GWP
Vicki Sheehan- Met you and one of your daughters at a craft fair! Then bought one of your journals!
Sew Technicolor- Became your pen pall through Oliver and Abraham's 
The Contents of my Head- we had a similar Facebook friend. saw your post on her page about your blog. Clicked.
Kitty and Buck: Saw your ad on someone's sidebar. It had the word kitty in it--my blog is kitty-ears, so I naturally had to follow you.
Wellies, Crochet & Cows- I mailed you a book from my book giveaway blog post! 
Michmash- You commented a lot on The Random Writings.
Magical Daydreams: You asked to button swap with me (or I with you? can't remember)
Addie Marie: Found you through etsy, from that beautiful boho layered blue skirt you made. By searching "patchwork skirt"
Esther from the Sticks: Found you thought Addie Marie. She linked you in one of her posts, one time.
Color me Brave: Ahh! I can't remember. Do you?
Courtney Godby: Found your blog through your brothers, he had a link up one time
I'm sure there are more, but sometimes I can't remember how I met some bloggers. Any of you know how you met me? Is it because I started commenting on your blog? Let me know! Even if you don't have a blog, I still think its cool when you tell me how you found mine. Like, I met EmmaRead through the Days app!


Ellie said...

And it's been a beautiful friendship ever since xxx

Sybil @ Peace it all Together said...

What a cool idea for a post! I met you through comments you left on my blog. Then, you were one of my first button swappers. :)

_emmaread_ said...

Ah, the Days app...crazy how I've been reading your blog longer than I used that app! Did I ever tell you how I found your Days profile?

I don't use the app anymore so I don't know if it's improved but when we were using it, searching for other users was horrible. You couldn't search for users by location or interests or anything like that. You had to know a username or you couldn't find anyone, so I started searching for random words that I like. My logic was: "If they put this word in their username, we might have a good chance of getting along." One of those words was "moon" and that's how I found you. Then one day, you posted a pic of you working on your blog ("She knows how to sew and she has a website? So cool.")...and here we are!

I've learned since then that we're very different people, but at the same time there are a ton of ways that I can relate to you. I guess you could say it's been a "humbling" experience, finding someone who from a distance looks like we'd never have anything in common and then discovering we're much more alike than it seems.

Charlotte said...

I met you through comments you made on Rachel's blog.

jess said...

Hello... I my name is jess and I came across your blog because I wanted to find out if there were any house wives/homemaker blogs out there on the internet. I guess I just needed some reference, ideas, and looking to meet other godly house wives.

Carolynn said...

Hi! Nice to meet you :) I love being a housewife, and I'm glad you do too!

Carolynn said...

Interesting! I don't use it anymore either. It got old after awhile! Yes, we are very different but I appreciate your comments so much! And I love your tweets.

Paulina Dombrowski said...

I cannot remember either. I just remember seeing a comment from you one day and then I checked you out and now I just read all your posts.