Monday, December 24, 2012

Everyone is a Bunny

My husband bought me the silliest Christmas present! (And he gave it to me early too!) Yay, Christmas Eve!
Let me explain. Our house is freezing! I'm always complaining of being cold. We don't have a heat pump (our house was designed to use one) and thus we use a wood stove and various portable electric heaters that are strategically placed around the house. Since you can't leave an electric heater (think handheld or dorm room size) on while you are gone, our house gets really cold when we are at work/dating/shopping--so when I get home I complain and usually wear three layers of clothing (yeah, attractive, right?)
So hubby bought me this super adorable warm bunny suit. Its so silly, and warm and toasty and wonderful. I've been living in it ever since, much to his amusement.


Rachel said...

Oh wow, that's hilarious--but yet, so practical!! :P

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

hah! is that like the one from the christmas story movie?

noone said...

haha cute bunny suit and ya our house is freeezing too!! hope you have a great Christmas with awesome food and company!

Jennifer R said...

SOOO Cute!