Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sailor Outfit

You can't go wrong with stripes! I was wearing skinny jeans under this, but I took them off when we got to FL, because it was 70 degrees...vs 40 in Lynchburg.
For some reason this outfit reminds me of my friend Beth. I could totally picture her wearing it. I think she might wear a red floppy hat...because she has one! I saw that hat in my head when I bought this dress, Beth. 
It is hard to believe my honeymoon is over! At times I still don't feel married. I'm like, I'm married? What? O_o and then my husband pokes me and we both laugh. Being married is wonderful! But it isn't much different then not being married! It's just as fun as being single or dating, perhaps just fun in different ways. I also thought marriage would bring a ton of other responsibilities--but not really. Maybe I wash more dishes? Perhaps the work will come with kids...
Anyone else have any similar feelings about holy matrimony? It's great, but I'm still me. And I'm happy that way. 

Random things about me today:
  • I love silly hats
  • Green is my favorite color
  • I'm addicted to my iphone 
  • I love to read books all evening
  • I'm a total neat freak
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