Friday, December 28, 2012

Do you have "Small" Breasts?

Do you have small breasts? Does your shirt gap horribly when you bend over because it was made for a person of generous cleavage size? Do you always have to remember to put your hand on your collar bone so you don't flash everyone when you pick up your pen?

If any (or all) of the above is true, this tutorial is for you!

Clothes these days are made from a mold. I find, for myself, that means sometimes my shirt may fit in the waist department but be way to big in the breast area. Moving down in size doesn't help, because then the shirt fails to fit me in the hips or belly, because I'm pear shaped. This means I am a size 6-8 in my upper body and a size 10-12 in my hips. Thus, a size 10 dress is super large in the chest area but a size 6, while fitting my upper body, generally only fits one thigh in its slender skirt portion.

So, obviously, I can't walk about with half my butt hanging out (well, some people do...but I'll address that later) so I buy the "larger" size and usually end up having breast issues.

This problem can be fixed! When the bodice is too big, I generally just add a little pleat right in the center. Make sure its in the center so it does not look uneven!

Sometimes, the gap can be caused by the arm holes being to large and not fitted to your waist. Even when you fix the top, the arms can still cause your shirt to gap. For this, just pin and sew the underarms right under the lowest part of your arm to make the arm space smaller.

These are just two ways to fix this annoying issue!! I'm sure there are many more. I'm just happy I know how to solve the problem so I can wear my pretty shirt without worry or without an annoying undershirt!

Happy (and modest) shopping!

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Rachel said...

Your title made me giggle--but it's true, man! Clothes are such a problem. I do usually end up with higher necklines or camis underneath stuff, but this tip would definitely work for some shirts!