Friday, August 9, 2013

Don't Give Up

Don't give up. I know you just started exercising, and nothing seems to be happening. Every day you look at yourself in the mirror and think, why am I even doing this. I'll never be skinny. Don't give up. Don't compare. Your body is beautiful. Tone it and let it reach its full potential. Know that you will never be someone other then yourself. And that's okay.

Maybe skinny shouldn't be your goal. My goal is fun. I have fun jumping around in Zumba and making an utter fool out of myself. I have fun glorifying God as I swim laps. I try to work out because it should be a lifestyle, not a means to an end.

I never weigh myself. I don't care. It's not about reaching a "perfect goal". I'll never be perfect. One of my breasts will always be bigger then the other. My nose will always be slightly crooked. I have stretch marks and pimples and spider veins and hardly any chin. But I'm me.

It's not about you. Being healthy is about glorifying God. I'm a christian. I don't want to go to waste, or to give in to gluttony or greed. I want to live an active lifestyle because an active lifestyle is good for God. If you aren't religious, it still shouldn't be about you. Put the focus outward--take the stress off yourself, take the criticism elsewhere.

Are you living the lie that skinny is worth starving for? Don't live that lie--or even the lie that real women have curves. Real women can be a size 2 or a size 22. They are round and tall and rectangle and small and pear shaped and apple shaped and funny and smart and... It's not how you look. It's who you are. Really.

I just started the 30 day shred about a month ago. I know, it says 30 days, but I'm doing an every-other day, or every-two day, because, honestly, I haven't exercised in awhile. It's hard. I want to give up sometimes. I can't see any difference yet. But you know what, I'm going to keep going.

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