Thursday, August 15, 2013

Shooting in Manual Mode

Lately I have been trying to shoot in manual mode on my camera. I won't lie, it's difficult to get the lighting, focus, and aperture right for my pictures. But this is an necessary step if I want to grow as a photographer. By shooting in manual, I can eventually learn to take pictures in the sunlight.

Oh, and don't worry, guys! I have not given up on my book (yet). At don't plan to. Thank you for all your sweet comments on my funny (but oh, true) story yesterday. I never knew I would learn so much about myself...or that it would be so difficult to accomplish this goal. More on that later. Just know, right now, I kinda...feel sorry for my husband (I love you babe). Uh, I can be a mess when things aren't working out my way. I think sometimes we all need to be reminded we aren't the center of the world. And that some things aren't the end of the world. Even if it feels like they are. Oh, and that hard, difficult things are worth striving for.

On that note, I am redoing the blog, today! Just for fun. Hope you like it!

As I change, so does this space. Thank you for coming along for the ride! Also, did you guys know about this giveaway for a 250$ etsy gift card? I entered--its through the Etsy facebook page and totally legit!
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