Monday, August 5, 2013

The Twisted Pony Tutorial

One of my good friends asked me how I did this particular hairstyle, so I thought I'd do a tutorial! Just for fun :) Only, I lost my tripod thingamabob (you know, that little piece that attaches to your camera so you can then attach your camera to your tripod) Yeah, it decided to completely and totally fall off my camera then disappeared utterly from this known universe. So I bought a new tripod. (I needed one anyway, my old tripod had a broken leg that I'd taped together, and a hot-glued top...) Anyway, my new tripod is *gasp* made of metal, instead of plastic, and it's amazing. Well, that was a long winded explanation!
So, after brushing your hair out, form a half pony using the top half of your hair (like in picture three). Then twist the rest of your hair around that, and secure with pins! Really, that's all you do. I twist two small pieces and then two big pieces on each side of my head, and then finish it off with two small twists again.
Small Twisty
Just keep twisting as many as you want, all around your half pony. You don't have to do three on each side like me. I used about 15 bobby pins to secure it all, but depending on how slippery/how much hair you have, you may get away with fewer.
After you are done, head out in the sunshine to enjoy your hair! I really like this style, because it can be done on short, long or medium hair. As long as you have enough for a ponytail, you are good to go.


Deanna Fike said...

this look so cute!

Rachel G said...

Yeah, the amount of hair for a ponytail....that's pretty rare as far as I'm concerned. :P This looks really good on you, though. And twisted types of hairstyles tend to work best on curly hair.