Friday, August 30, 2013

Last Weekend, THIS happened!

So, like most earthlings, I have a bucket list. No, I haven't posed it online.  Mostly its boring and full of goals like "be more organized" and "sew more things." But last weekend I got to experience one of the more specific goals on my list.

behold the noms

Yes, please
Now, before you go "wha?" and screw your face up like I'm crazy, let me explain. To a strictly organic hippie and sometimes-vegetarian like myself, Trader Joe's is like a 24-hour Apple boutique that also sells chic matching iPhone covers to a Hipster who just found $1000 lying in an open gutter. Or Trader Joe's can be likened to a bookstore to someone who was read only half of the first "Game of Thrones" and suddenly has access to purchase the ending. Or a glass of cool, refreshing water to a desert traveler...or a lifeboat to a drowning....okay, you get the idea. 

It was everything Sabrina and others have told me it was! Sadly I couldn't buy any cold products, but I did purchase some naan and other dried goods!

Classy in the Produce Section
In short, I loved it. Trader Joes, why are you not in my town? Why, why, I ask? I love your brightly colored organic soups and amazingly yummy naan bread...please, please, I beg of you.... build here. I promise not to shop anywhere else. Well, except the farmers market. And Krogers. Because, I love my Krogers.

I was able to visit this amazing store because I was two hours away from my home, participating in a very lovely wedding with my best friend. Who has now been married for almost a week. Ahh, the honeymoon phase.

This was my first visit to Trader Joe's. It shall not be my last, unless fate decides to tragically part us.

*If you know me in real life, please go to the Trader Joe's website and request one to be built here. Please. I mean, it only takes like 5 minutes.  Whats holding you back?
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