Wednesday, August 7, 2013

she said my webpage was ugly

I love color. Its fun. Its bright, and cheerful and full of something I can't name. It draws me in. I love putting a lot of color into my home, and its something that really attracts me to vegetarian food. Its usually so vibrant with fresh fruits and veggies.

My closet definitely reflects my love of color.
I made this shirt a long time ago--it was one of the first wearable garments I constructed all by hand, from drafting my own pattern to picking my own colors. And I love it.
I don't understand this new minimalist movement. A few days ago I was in a coffee shop, talking to a random 20-someting about the difference between Blogger and Wordpress. She wanted to start a blog, and was in a discussion with a male to the table on my right. I said, "Hey, I blog!" and she asked what platform. We had a little discussion about blogger, that ended with me showing her my blog. "Wow," she said, "It is so cluttered...I mean, so colorful. I'm definitely going with Wordpress now, they are much more whiter and open".
"Blogger can be whatever you design it as" I said quickly, pulling up Wifessionals, a blogging friend of mine whose design is very minimalist. My new coffee mate looked critically over the open page I showed her, and said "That's exactly what I want! Look, how cute! And trendy! And white. That's what a website should be." I smiled politely, and she walked off with her drink to another part of the shop.
Then I fumed a bit. I didn't like her critical comment about my website being cluttered. I like my site the way it is. Sure, it isn't perfect, and its not minimalist--but I'm not a minimalist. And I'm far from trendy. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing anyone who has a "minimalist" type design. I do appreciate those--and read several blogs that employ this style into their design. It's just not me. And I don't like the idea that there is only one way to be creative, only one way to plan a website, being circulated. I don't like being judged for a bit of color in my space. My blog is very much a lot of bits of me, fun and zany and colorful and loud all at once.
But maybe I'm reading to much into her words that she spoke about a site she only saw for a fleeting second. But I feel like she saw me walk past her and hated my outfit.
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