Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Umber, Ochre and Sienna

 I love earth tone colors. I'm not sure why--maybe its the dusky hues, like shadows after the sun has set, or maybe its the way they compliment my skin and hair so well--I just love them. Something about these muted colors makes me feel so alive.
A friend of mine gave me this skirt. It has an embroidered pattern on the hem that I absolutely adore, and its the perfect casual-yet-summery length!
 I picked up the green shirt at goodwill ages ago.
In the evening, my favorite place to be is outside, if its cool enough. I love basking in the finished day and anticipating the next day that hints at the edge of the darkening horizon. Whats your favorite summer spot?  


Kristin said...

I love the way those two colors look together!

Rachel G said...

Your style really reminds me of my sister Lizzy's style. She loves earth tones. Of course, I'm in love with ultra-bright, cool colors.

Charlotte said...

I love that green shirt!