Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Necessary Things

Yes. I'm doing a what's in my purse post. :P I actually like these, and when one shows up in my blog feed, I always click. For some reason I'm fascinated by the stuff other people deem necessary to carry around with them.  

So, here is my chosen "stuff". As you can see, I carry a lot of "paper" with me, hah!  I'm really afraid to go anywhere without a journal of some sort--because I'm sure I'll think of something to write down that I don't want to forget. I don't really like taking notes on my iPhone--I'll forget about it, but I check my notebook almost every day.
My journal is from VickiSheehan. She makes handmade journals with different pages and lace. They really are breathtaking. My tote is from my own shop, Silver Moon Creations. I love the orange fabric!

I also usually have a snack of some kind in my purse. I'm always hungry, and I don't want to buy something unhealthy when I'm out. This weeks snack is organic pumpkin seeds.

Whats in your purse? Or, are you like Rachel and loathe the female accessory?


Deanna Fike said...

if i ever show a 'what's in my bag' it will have to be after i clean it out. and it will probably still look terrifying.

Rachel G said...

And you made your purse, right? Actually, my sister in law sent me an even smaller purse to take on our trip, so I'm really not carrying around much these days, I love it!