Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Planting Succulents

So, I've been collecting succulents. Right now I have two, and a baby one--I plan on making it into a container garden eventually, but today I just put them all together.

If your pot has no drain in the bottom, fill it with rocks! This will create a space for the water to go.

I love succulents, and I love the bits of green they add to my house!


Rachel G said...

My grandma is really into succulents, she has quite a lot of them, potted. I hear they are good plants if you mostly forget to water your plants because they don't need much water at all!

Paulina Dombrowski said...

You seriously need to make a part 2 of this about how to care for your succulents and not kill them because I love them but I keep killing them.

Carolynn said...

basically, to not kill them just water them only once a month. I'm terrible at remembering to water them, so mine love me :P

remember they are in the cactus family so they don't need a ton of water~