Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tote Party

Yesterday I threw a paint-a-tote party at my house! I made nine handmade totes and invited nine wonderful lady friends to come and paint the fronts while enjoying good food and fun conversation. Of course, I knew not all nine would come, because of schedules and life and such, but I had three wonderful ladies attend and one brought her husband (who works with mine) and her little boy. We had a TON of fun and painted totes and chatted.
all the unpainted tote backs with their cute pockets!
The fronts of the bags are plain for painting. Oh, and I didn't think to take pictures of the totes they painted until after they'd already left. So I only have mine to show! But oh well! :P
A tote before painting
I made all sorts of yummy vegan and gluten free food for the party. Two of my friends have a gluten intolerance, one is allergic to milk and two are vegetarian, so making vegan, GF food seemed the best option!
I made GF brownies with almond milk, a balsamic vinegar quinoa salad (via oh whimsical me), and an Indian dish with tofu and rice. It was a feast. I still have leftovers and will enjoy not cooking today! And yes, I did write out the ingredients just in case I missed something someone was allergic to.
Here is my bag. I love colorful, rainbow hearts! I also painted a tee to test out my brushes. :)
Tote parties are fun, and maybe I'll throw another one in a few months. This was the first party I've ever thrown as a married woman. I really enjoyed the experience! 
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