Friday, July 26, 2013

Music Suggestions?

Above is a picture of my favorite band ever, named Eisley. I own most of their work, except their newest one (or two?) albums.

I'll be honest and tell you the last time I bought new music was almost four years ago. And I'm getting kinda tired of hearing what I do have--even if I love it. I've also changed--in high school I liked some rock, like AFI and My Chemical Romance, but lets be honest, I really don't like that anymore. I've changed.

So. I need some music suggestions. Hmmm, what do I like? Well, I love love love Folk music. And instrumental music. Oh, when I'm in a certain mood I really enjoy listening to Techno; it gets my blood pumping and makes me feel ultra invigorated. I also love soundtrack music. I own all of the Lord of the Rings music, as well as music from A.I and Finding Neverland. My favorite bands are Eisley, Final Fantasy Music (from the 5th installment to 9), The Civil Wars, JJ Heller, Juli (German band), Birdy, the Celtic Women and Robin Spielburg. I listen to most of these on repeat. I really need some new music!

That's where you come in. Please suggest something for me to listen to, and I will! Anything you think I would like, or your favorite band, even if you are unsure.


Kristin said...

I love Eisley and The Civil Wars, too! I don't have Eisley's newest CD yet (though I did download the sampler on Noisetrade), but if you don't have The Valley (their second most recent), I definitely recommend checking it out. The songs are a bit more sad than usual, but it's really, really good.

I love the Avett Brothers. They're sort of folk and bluegrass inspired, but a few of their songs are very pop or rock sounding, too. They're amazing. (I started out with their album I and Love and You, but it's more pop. Since you like folk/bluegrass, you might want to look into Emotionalism or Mignonette first.) I also like Mumford & Sons, like everyone else. And She & Him, though they're completely different from everything else I listen to. And The Vespers, but you already know about them!

Sometimes I go back to my old favorites that I've loved for about ten years now: Relient K and Switchfoot. And of course I have lots of oldies favorites like Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald and various big band orchestras, but I don't know if you're interested in any of that or not. :)

Frances Pike said...

Celtic Thunder is good--they're basically a male version of Celtic Women.
There's a singer Colbie Caillat that my fiance introduced me too. She has some sweet love songs. Since you like JJ Heller you might like some of her stuff. Piano Guys and Lindsey Stirling are great. The Piano Guys mash up classical and modern music. They did a version of music from the Hobbit. Look them up on YouTube. Lindsey Stirling does rocking violin music. Some of it is original work. She's on YouTube as well.

I have Pandora so that's how I find new music sometimes. I have several different stations based on various artists. It's free if you're willing to have ads every few songs. Though I think I figured out how to avoid the ads on my Firefox browser. Maybe check your library too. Or even wander around Barnes and Noble if they have a music section.

Christian artists I like are TobyMac, Mandisa, Newsboys.

Jess downs said...

Watch's a short film by the band Milo Greene. The film is actually their debut album videos all stuck together. It's brilliant. And Milo Greene toured with the Civil Wars ( before they went on hiatus)

A good instrumental band is explosions in the sky.

I also like death cab for cutie and the decemberists, but those are both ways old school.

Deanna Fike said...

the decemberists? but their older stuff. my morning jacket? have you heard of the band 'first aid kit'? they seem like they would be right down your alley. listen to "emmylou."

Emorie Kidder said...

Eisley! You must get their newest album. And if you haven't checked out Sucré (Stacy from Eisley's other band) that is must! So so good. I, like Deanna, recommend First Aid Kit. As well as Horse Feathers (favorite band), especially their newest album Cynic's New Year. Lovely, often sad, folk. Laura Marling is also a favorite. Radiation City is really great. If you're looking for something a little different, Y La Bamba.

Emorie Kidder said...

Oh! And if you haven't heard her, Agnes Obel!

don't be a mesmire said...

mmmm I have a deep love for funky folkloric style. But which is more ethnic/euro influenced. But my favorite folk bands are 'Beiruit' and 'The Toids'. Since there are so many styles of folk, these may not be your cup 'o tea. :P But... you asked for suggestions heh

Beirut - Elephant Gun:

As for instrumental/techno/folk fusion try this:

Beats Antique - Revival:

Charlotte said...

Bon Iver (folksy, acoustic)
Mumford and Sons (rock-folk)
Kate Rusby (Irish, lilting)
Electric Light Orchestra (disco, 70s rock)
The Killers (electric, rock)
Gaelic Storm (Irish, mellow rock)

Let us know if you found some new favorites from our suggestions!

Elizabeth Ewing said...

Glass Oaks! They are a band that is in Lynchburg. ;) I was in a class with two of them. :D

katie terry said...

The Wailin' Jennys (folksy, celtic/bluegrass-influenced, christian bent)
Eva Cassidy (defies categorization -- folk, blues, jazz, gospel, girl's got it going on!)
Great Big Sea (Irish/Nova Scotian sea shanties)
Madeline Peyroux (jazz, blues)
Caedmon's Call (folksy rock, christian bent)
Nickel Creek (folksy light rock)
The Gray Havens (I really don't know how to describe them...indie, narrative, slightly pop-ish?)
soundtrack to Doctor Who, reboot series (EPIC orchestral soundtracks!)
soundtrack to Last of the Mohicans (celtic-influenced, epic)
soundtrack to O Brother, Where Art Thou? (just...really, really good)
soundtrack to Forrest Gump (great sampler of oldies)

I was also going to say Gaelic Storm and the Civil Wars, but I see that those are already covered. I heartily second the recommendation for Lindsay Sterling, as well.