Friday, July 26, 2013

Music Suggestions?

Above is a picture of my favorite band ever, named Eisley. I own most of their work, except their newest one (or two?) albums.

I'll be honest and tell you the last time I bought new music was almost four years ago. And I'm getting kinda tired of hearing what I do have--even if I love it. I've also changed--in high school I liked some rock, like AFI and My Chemical Romance, but lets be honest, I really don't like that anymore. I've changed.

So. I need some music suggestions. Hmmm, what do I like? Well, I love love love Folk music. And instrumental music. Oh, when I'm in a certain mood I really enjoy listening to Techno; it gets my blood pumping and makes me feel ultra invigorated. I also love soundtrack music. I own all of the Lord of the Rings music, as well as music from A.I and Finding Neverland. My favorite bands are Eisley, Final Fantasy Music (from the 5th installment to 9), The Civil Wars, JJ Heller, Juli (German band), Birdy, the Celtic Women and Robin Spielburg. I listen to most of these on repeat. I really need some new music!

That's where you come in. Please suggest something for me to listen to, and I will! Anything you think I would like, or your favorite band, even if you are unsure.
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