Sunday, October 23, 2016

Our Budget - Month 6

We are halfway though my year of budgeting and self-analysis of what our household spends. This month we met our budget (at least, I'm calling it a win even through it was $200 over). I am pleased!

So far I am noticing a trend. We go over our budget, but hit it the next month...and repeat. I hope we can break this trend and hit our budget for a few months in a row.

So what did I spend this time?

Bills  ($340)
  • Netflix: We have our $9.99 netflix account (went up $2 this month. still worth it)
  • Internet: We pay 60.00 for internet a month. It's expensive, but they only offer one service in our area.
  • YMCA: 75.00 for our gym membership--we have a family memebership now that includs Brian, me and Reuben
  • Phones: 25.00 a month for two phones with unlimited text and talk, no data.
  • Electric bill: $150 this month.
  • Water: $0 (we pay every 2 months)
  • Audible: $22.95

Baby Expenses ($109.32)

We bought Reuben some used clothes and a xylophone. Yay! We also bought him some custom made bibs on etsy that are sewn for super drooling babies. Reuben is a facet. It was needed.

Food ($936.69)
  • Eating Out: $102
  • Brian's Lunch at Work: $32
  • Grocery Shopping: $950
We only ate out three times this month as a couple. Once at olive garden, and twice at our favorite burger joint, Brauburgers. I'm still packing Brian's lunch 4 days a week, so that keeps his eating out at work budget low. Our grochery shopping budget was a bit inflated this month, but since we (basically) hit our goal I'm not too worried about it.
Gas ($76)

Brian spent $35 in gas and I spent $18. Yay, driving!

Personal Money (Brian $308, Carolynn $227)

I got a stitchfix this month and I kept one item. I also bought more crunchy cleaning products on mightynest to further go the natural route at home. I am loving switching over. I also splurged on some clothes at Target for fall and winter. Brian spent most his money on Amazon, and I am not sure what he bought! (Is this the month where he surprised me with a flute? Yup, it is! Best husband EVER).

Other ($248.5)

We have hired a babysitter every week for four hours. She is amazing and worth her weight in GOLD. Really. She's $40 a week for four hours. These are the hours I look forward to every week! I love my squish, but mama loves her alone time too. She was here three times this month, so $120.

We also spent 54.50 at the department of motor vehicle. I don't remember what on... We also spent $74 at home depo on a house-fixing project.


All in all we spent roughly $2,200. So close to our budget of 2,000 a month! After last months big spend, I am very happy with this number. Yay!

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