Monday, October 17, 2016

Reyna Shawlette

I finished my Reyna Shawl. I placed the rows where I wanted them and only used about half the recommended yarn amount, so mine is a shawlette and not a shawl. Oh well! I love it, and it will add a nice pop of color to my neck this fall.

I love the marbled blue in this yarn. It's like the ocean, with deep spots and lighter, sun kissed areas. I think it's beautiful. I used about 80% of a skein, so I have a little left over to add somewhere to something else later.

I also added a crochet edge to the shawl. I thought it needed a little something extra. I love the finished look. Shawl making is my new idea of seeking thrills and living life...

I want to make one in green next.