Saturday, February 20, 2016

Paleo Week One

So, I did the 21 day fix and vlogged about it. I lost four pounds and was ecstatic. However, one week after I was done with my fix I had gained all the pounds PLUS one back, even when keeping up with my exercise. I was livid. I was mad at my body.

So I hired a fitness coach. Her name is Dorothy Booth, she has multiple certifications and a degree as a personal trainer. She also uses the paleo diet to manage her type one diabetes. It cost $140 a month for her expertise (she does use beachbody for workouts), although she also has a lower costing plan.

This last week was week one on my journey to become paleo again.

Boy, was the first week hard. I did paleo for dinner only, focusing on eating what little non-paleo food I had for breakfast and lunch. I didn't want to waste anything.

I decided for this week I would not be meal planning. All I did was shop the perimeter of the grochery store and buy fresh groceries and veggies/fruit. I made different types of meat/sides with these combinations every night for dinner.

I thought it would get boring. It didn't, I liked everything I made!

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The reason I wanted to go paleo again? Well, besides the eczema, stomach problems, chronic constipation, and brain fog--I am hoping paleo will help me with my postpartum belly that is still way huge, and with weight loss.

Anyway, I vlogged through week one as well!

I wish I had been able to stick to paleo while pregnant, and I wouldn't be trying this all over again.

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