Saturday, February 6, 2016

Internet Favorites

I don't have a lot of time to keep up with bloggers lately. Here are my favorites--even through I miss many posts, I try to read at least one of their blogs a week, usually while nursing.

My Favorite Bloggers
  • Wool and Wheel - the only knitting blog I read. Also blogs about old movies, books, and dyeing/spinning yarn.  
  • Addie Marie - One of the first blogs I ever started reading! She just started up blogging again after a two (or three?) year hiatus due to college (I think). Blogs about sewing. Wears handmade gold flecked pants that I envy on a daily basis. 

I actually met Rachel two years ago. She was awesome. It was awkward, because well, um, internet-real-life meetings and I am a potato, but she was amazing. Wish I had more time to get to know her. In other news, it's best not to make a kidnapping joke when meeting an internet friend for the first time. (sorry Rachel)
  • Michmash - blogs about her very humorous life, most recently about her cute little baby girl Gracie.
I also met Michelle last year as well. It was amazing and I probably freaked her out x1000 with my very extroverted self. Michelle I love you.

  • Belle Brita - Brita blogs about life, feminism and also about current events. She's been to France and I like her fresh take on life as well as perfect spelling and grammar on her blog. (Rachel also has perfect spelling, don't think I don't notice Rachel). I aspire in that area.
I also met Brita this year (I really love meeting internet friends) and she was so petite and well mannered and frank and I wish I lived closer so we could have coffee weekly.

 My Favorite Vloggers

I also love watching vloggers on Youtube. Here are my favorites I keep up with.
  • Texan in Tokyo - Texan married to a Japanese native. Does day in my life videos as well as other Japan related stuff. Very interesting, given the culture difference. 
  • It's Me Anna E - Writer and weekly vlogger from GA. I met her too and you can see that in this vlog!
  • Erik Conover - Lives in NYC, makes daily videos with his girlfriend, who is a full time model. Really interesting. 
  • Loepsie's Theetuin - Vlogs from the Netherlands in Dutch (with English subtitles). Love seeing how her life is. She's a vegetarian too, and always shows her food!
Those are my favorite people to keep up with! If you know any vloggers/bloggers I should follow, let me know! I am always looking for new and interesting people.

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