Saturday, February 27, 2016

Paleo Week 2 Recap

Week two paleo. It's been a little easier. I was worried about breastfeeding, but I am not counting calories, just eating when I feel hungry and watching to make sure Reuben has enough wet and dirty diapers.

This was my first week full paleo, as last week I was only paleo for dinner. I gave myself grace. During this week there was one meal I added rice to, and I continued to eat both beans and peanut butter.

I did package up a big box of non paleo food that I delivered to my sister. It didn't make sense to hang on to that anymore. I gave her several boxes of mac and cheese and tomato soup! Oh, tomato soup I will miss you (I just need to find a good non-dairy version).

This week I noticed my eczema is improving! Score! However, I am almost always hungry. I remember last time I went paleo it took about 2-3 weeks for the constant hunger to dissipate. I am making sure I eat a light snack every 2-3 hours to keep up with breastfeeding, and I didn't exercise during this week to allow my body more time to adjust.

I went to the doctor too and was shocked when my blood pressure was 95/70. I've had high blood pressure for awhile (not high enough to medicate, but high) and these numbers are amazing! I was going to pick up cake on the way home because I was starving and hearing the good numbers made me not cheat.

Next week I plan on starting up an good 3-4 day a week exercise plan and keeping with my paleo diet as well. I've already noticed an improvement in my bloating/postpartum belly!

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