Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Best Friends

My ideal best friend would be someone who could show up at my house spontaneously, food in tow and dressed in leggings and a old tee, because they would be holding my baby while I showered and cried tears of joy over their person.

Perhaps this is why my best friend is currently a pack-in-play. Only it never brings me food and stays in the living room--but it does hold my baby really well, so it works. Also the fact that I can't imagine life without it.

I think I am in a transitional season of life right now. My friend Larkin moved across town and is busy with school and a 40 hour week job. Since I've had a baby, we have seen each other twice. She's busy. I'm busy. Maybe we will be better friends later.

My other two good friends Tori and Sabrina both moved away last year, and I am terrible at keeping up with long distance relationships. I stalk them on facebook occasionally.

Couple that with me never wanting to leave the house and...well, that explains my obsession with the pack-and-play.

I have one good mom friend who has two kids named Melissa, but she is also very busy. As she also has small offspring and a kitchen to clean and a husband to care for as well as a sister getting married there is little time for friends. And she is always going/doing something... But, for my birthday she made me cake and she also gave me a "bad day grab bag". What is such a thing, you ask? Well, its a gift full of little things to open when you have a bad day. So when my husband has to work late and my kid is getting a tooth and I can't shower because he refuses to let me put him down I can open a little package and paint my nails.

It's the little things in life. That bag was the best thing ever. I say was, because I already opened everything. When you have a baby sometimes every day is a bad day.

I'm going to go put my kid in the pack-in-play and do the dishes now.

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