Thursday, February 5, 2015

Yarn Streacher

I finished my first short neckwarmer, sometimes called a wrap or a shawl. Only, mine turned out smaller because I didn't read all the directions because I was to excited to get started and thus used a needle two times smaller then recommended. Oh well. It still works and I really really love it!

I found this skein of yarn at my local yarn shop and was automatically drawn to it because of the earthy colors. This yarn gets me. It matches my hair and goes great with almost everything I wear. I loved the variations and chose the Quaker Yarn Stretcher patten to go with it because I thought it's simple design would show off the colors well. I was right! And I did also pay for this pattern, supporting a local designer.

In other news, I bought this lovely dress from the Ruche sale and my boobs are already refusing to fit into it only a few weeks later. The buttons gap at the top when I try to wear it. And it would totally work as a maternity dress because of the empire waist if only my now-larger boobs would just cooperate! (These pictures were taken when I was a budding size D, and things mostly fit. Sigh, now I'm pushing a DD. Not that I'm complaining. I mean, okay I am...but still. I want to wear this!) Anyway, I love the quality of the things I've purchased from Ruche. I've noticed that Modcloth, while mostly just as expensive as Ruche usually offers not the best quality. Everything I bought from Ruche is amazing quality and I know I will be shopping from them again--and forgoing the Modcloth splurge. While I love everything I see on Modcloth, I've been very disappointed recently when I've received things to find they are very cheaply made. Anyone else notice this?

You can check out my pattern page on Raverly here if you are interested in the specific type of yarn I used! (Also, I started this project in October of 2014 and just finished it last month. Yay, morning sickness)


Kristin said...

Wow, it's so pretty! The yarn looks gorgeous and I really love that style of shawl/ my opinion, it's much easier to wear around the neck than a basic triangle shawl.
I've never ordered anything from Modcloth (though I've been tempted a few times!), but lately I've been noticing the poor quality of a lot of store-bought things. Not just clothes, but pillows and other textiles. Bad hems, skipped stitches, just things that aren't noticeable at first but that really lower the quality of an item! It makes me wonder why I'm so self-conscious about some of my handmade clothes...mine are neater than that, ha! :)

Rachel G said...

Looks like the top has buttons--if they're real and not for decoration, you could just wear a white or navy or purple or whatever color cami underneath and unbutton the top button or two, giving you room to breathe...that's what I imagine I'd do if there were ever a universe where I had such a problem...