Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 18

I'm almost halfway there! I've been dying to take some outfit photos but my motivation to go out in the 27 degree weather is nonexistent. Thus, today you have my kitchen.

Some days I feel skinny. Some days I feel like a whale. But little light baby kicks keep me gigging regardless!  I wore this outfit to church on Sunday and felt fabulous.

It is currently snowing outside. In nine days I find out the sex of my baby. In five months I will have a baby in my arms! I'm really excited, this is really happening. We have not bought anything for the baby. Every time I try I become paralyzed that I'll have a miscarriage and then have to go through the heartbreak of not only grieving for my baby but seeing baby things all around. Our plan right now is to wait until after the baby shower (in May) to buy. That way we will see what we have and see what we need. I like this idea. Gives me more time...

Lately we argue about baby names and laugh at each other. I am just excited to meet him or her. The name will come to us. I have a girls name...but what if we are having a boy? My husband has a boy's name. I hate it. Oh well.

How are you guys doing? Oh, the timer is going off. I baked pretzels from scratch because it's snowing and it always makes me want to bake. My husband will be very happy. See ya!

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