Friday, February 20, 2015


I finished my second shawl. I like this one because of the color changes! The pattern is Summer Flies and it's the second worsted weight shawl I've made this year. As it was 7 degrees outside during this photoshoot, I decided staying inside would be best.

Yesterday I listened to a great sermon about keeping your eyes on God and not being distracted with everything around you. It was great and very helpful to weed out all the comments from people I keep getting regarding parenthood. If I keep my eyes on God I don't have to worry about what they say or do. I just follow Him. It was a soothing sermon to listen to, one by John Macarthur, a pastor who I highly esteem and who had helped me understand the bible so much better as a new christian.

I really loved making summer flies. The pattern is very easy, simple to memorize and fun. If you want to see a few more pictures, you can check out the project page on Ravelry here! Today my plans include taking pictures of a orange hat I knit, and also filming a youtube video. I hope I can get everything done! What are you doing today?


Kristin said...

It's so pretty! :) I love how the two yarns look together. It reminds me a bit of the Germinate shawl (which I really like), minus the stripes.

Carolynn said...

so i just looked up the germinate shawl and ITS AMAZING.