Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Wears

I don't think I've ever worn lavender before, but I'm in love. Purple is one of my best friend Beth's favorite colors, and seeing her wear it often helps me be more inclusive with my wardrobe.

Everything I'm wearing here is from Goodwill. Goodwill, I love you. Sometimes. I only go about once or twice every few months, because my closet is full, plus they have drastically raised their prices. It seems every time I go things are a little bit more expensive. I understand they need to make money, but I can buy a new dress on clearance for $7, so paying that much for a used one does not always make the most sense. What are the thrift store prices near you?

I hope you guys had a wonderful Easter! The husband and I went camping over the holiday and had a very cold, but amazing time. It's still a bit early for camping!

Also, I'm almost finished with my sweater! (Just in time for spring, I know, hah!) I have one more sleeve to do. I've never wished for only one arm, but I might have a few times while knitting this contraption.

With the weather, my spirits as well have risen. I've started a garden, begun exercising more often, and am even planning a flower arrangement for my home! I never realized how much I really missed the daylight. It lasts so long into the evening, unlike winter where it feels there really isn't any sun time. Right now, I always want to be outside! Happy Spring, everyone, and have a great week!


Rachel G said...

I'm so loving the longer days and slightly warmer weather here!! And I do like wearing purple, too, though usually I lean toward a darker purple.

Charlotte Wood said...

Do you ever look for clothes at yard sales? I don't like to go to consignment stores too often because, like you, I can find similar prices on clearance items at regular stores. And it's easier for me to find things. But I have found several good things at yard sales. Like a cashmere sweater.

Carolynn said...

I LOVE yard sales, but unfortunately they seem to fall on Saturdays and that is the one day my husband gets to sleep in and he wants me to stay in bed with him as well :P I've tried getting him to go to yard sales but he has zero interest hah! I have not been to even ONE since the day I got married :P

Charlotte Wood said...

Oh, yes, I think you have mentioned that before. :)