Monday, April 28, 2014

5 Reasons I love being a Stay-home wife

I am a stay-at-home wife. This is basically a women without kids who does not work outside the home. I've been a stay home wife for about a year now, so I thought I would make a post about what I love in regards to my new position!

  • I can help at the drop of a hat.

One of my dear friends was having car trouble the other day and I was able to stop what I was doing at home and help her take her car to the shop. I have several other stories along the lines of this one, including emergency babysitter, impromptu photographer and instant emotional support provider! All my friends and family know I'm able and willing to help whenever they need--and best of all my schedule is wide open to accommodate them!

  • I hardly ever feel stressed over chores.

I know there are several moms and working wives that handle chores efficiently, and while I can't report on their stress level, I can report on mine. When Brian and I first married, I quickly realized how much he worked and how little time he had to help with chores. My husband works anywhere from 8-14 hours a day and he often works weekends. Because he is so busy he used to (before we married) eat out after work, and he only completed the very minimum of chores. I, however, drastically dislike eating out. I also like things very organized. (Not to say my husband was not organized, he was, but it was not a "neat" organization. Think piles.) He also does not have the same idea of what "order" looks like as I do. So, for the first few months of our marriage I was attempting to handle the organization and food preparation and emotions of two people on top of a job. Needles to say, I was quite stressed. Now that I've quit my job, I have more then enough time to complete all the chores in my preferred method and organize everything down to the last detail.

  • I'm free on weekends. Every weekend. And holidays.

When I first married I had to work holidays. I worked (not every holiday, we rotated, but some of them I worked) most holidays at the call center, and also every. single. Saturday. I also worked all the days up to and after the holiday. Since my husband has a salary position, he (is supposed to) get weekends off, and he always gets federal holidays and usually many days before and after said holiday off. This is the perfect time to plan a getaway, and now that I don't work we totally can! When he's on vacation, we have unlimited uninterpreted time to build our relationship without me having to worry about getting ready for work or packing a lunch. Having this "down time" that is not broken up by a work schedule has greatly influenced the depth of our marriage and strengthened our bond as a couple.

  • I never worry about time for myself.

When I was working I was also full time taking care of my husband. This left little time to care for myself, as in alone time or time for hobbies. Sometimes this caused me to resent my husband and his need for my attention! On the weekends when I wasn't working often I just wanted to relax, not make meals or do laundry. Quitting my job gave me "alone time" in the mornings to read my bible, plan my day, exercise and practice positive self care. This, in turn, gives me the energy in the evenings and weekends to go all out helping my husband relax from his long day at work and making sure he is taken care of with a positive and happy, stress-free heart.

  • I am able to 100% pursue my dreams.

I have so many dreams. Like knitting. Sewing. Making videos. And because I am a stay at home wife, I am in the unique position to unabashedly pursue those dreams. Knitting all morning? Yes, I can do that. Dressing up in a pink wig? Totally have time for that. Blogging about my life struggles and spending all day interacting with others? Yes, and yes! I'm very lucky that being a stay at home wife is my desire--and it also provides the time for me to grow my own personal ambitions.

What about you? Are you a stay at home wife, and if so, what do you like about it?

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