Monday, January 10, 2011

Tutorial: different kinds of ruffles

When I first started sewing (about a year ago) I was shocked to discover that there are literally, maybe, 10 ways to create a ruffle. Anyway, these ideas were sort of revolutionary to me, so I thought I might share them. For anyone that knows about sewing, I'm sure my explanations will bore you to death, but I wanted to share for those who might not know!

Ruffle 1:
You will need a scrap piece of fabric and a sewing machine.

1) Turn your stitch length to the lowest  but NOT zero (my lowest is a 6)

2) sew a straight stitch down the middle of your fabric (make sure not to back stitch at the end)

3) pull on one of the dangling threads to ruffle your fabric and tie off the threads to keep it from un-ruffling.
4) Admire the ruffle!

Ruffle 2:

1) Turn your stitch length to a low number (2-8)

2) Turn your tension up! Turn it up about 3 notches from where it would normally be for whatever fabric you are using..

3) Sew a straight stitch down the center of your fabric to create a ruffle without any pulling. The machine does the work for you!

Changing the tension will make it more ruffled or less. Play around with it until you find the perfect ruffle for your project!

Ruffle 3:

1) Get a piece of fabric and cut a crescent shape out of it

2) Pull the inside crescent into a straight line.

3)The outside crescent part will be a ruffle when you sew the straight line onto your piece

4) This is used for more "soft" ruffles and a wavy look
That is all the ruffle ideas for today, I hope I gave you guys some ideas!


Amber said...

I've never seen the crescent method before...I'll have to give it a try soon.

Addie Marie said...

Oh, I never thought to adjust my tension & make the machine do the work for me! That will be such a useful technique, thank you!

Amber said...

I just read about another method that you may have heard of...zigzag stitch over a length of dental floss or fishing line and pull on the floss/line to ruffle the fabric. This is especially useful when gathering heavier fabrics or large amounts of fabric (antebellum period costumes, anyone?).

Amanda said...

This makes me want to put a ruffle on something.