Saturday, January 1, 2011


I'm finally back in Blacksburg! And I've caught a cold...

But that won't stop me from sewing! (Even through I miss my family...)

I have a special project planned for each day before I return to work. Today's project is to make a curtian for my room.

I found this lovely yellow posy sheet at Goodwill for 3.00, and I've reconstructed it into a nice daisy curtain for my room. I love how yellow and bright it is.

You can kinda see the dark blanket behind it that I have on the window to keep out the cold and the light. Here is what the fabric looks like.

Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe new years! (p.s I have too many books if anyone knows how to remedy this problem please tell, because it's getting worse!!)

My new years resolutions are:
1) give all of myself to God and glorify him in everything
2) Exercise and finish my 50 in 1001


  1. Wow! You were right--it is lovely!

    Remember, it will FADE big time if you don't keep the blind down...during sunny hours especially!

  2. Looks so pretty and cosy.

    Happy New Year!


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