Thursday, January 13, 2011


So, I was trying to make harem pants, but came up with this instead. They are kind of like exercise pants, with a tight top and loose in the legs. The only problem is I didn't realize I needed to make sure the patterns on both legs matched up...n.n so these are a fail. This is also my first time sewing with a "stretchy" fabric. This fabric is one-way stretch. It was in the clearance section at Joannes--and for a reason, I think. Whenever I sew, even with the stretchy stitch on my machine, sometimes the stitches create holes in fabric that fray the seams. I can't figure out why and changing my stitch from the straight-stretch stitch to the zigzag stretch stitch didn't help. Does anyone with more sewing experience know why it did this or what I did wrong?

 Anyway, I love the print and might try to make it wok out somehow!


KetchupSoldier said...

Did you use a ballpoint needle?

Beyond that, the only thing I could recommend is to use a serger when dealing with stretchy fabric, but not everyone has one, so... :/

Addie Marie said...

I love the print on the fabric! Maybe you'll be able to fix them up or make them into something else.

I'm with Sonja, about all I can suggest is a ballpoint needle... it makes all the difference! Maybe fuss around with your tension, too, on some scrap fabric--I had to adjust my tension for the zigzag stitch on my machine a LOT before it finally worked. Just make sure you know what your regular tension settings are; I've made the mistake of NOT & it took me way too long to get it back to normal.