Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fabric Jewelry + Lace!

I made two fabric necklaces today.

In the first one I used a magnet as a clasp, and in the second I sewed in a piece of ribbon choker to complete it. I don't know what way I like better, but I'm happy that both worked. Usally one goes wrong.

Here is what it looks like on. Wish I had someone around to model it! Self-portraiture is not something I've mastered, like Beth.

I am still participating in a January Blog Challenge from Addie Marie's blog. =) It is so much fun!


ladyjanewriter said...

Oh, this is really pretty! It's like the high neck of a Victorian blouse.

ladyjanewriter said...
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Addie Marie said...

This is super lovely! Nice job on the clasp, too, it's so neatly done!

KetchupSoldier said...

That's really cute!

Do the magnets have any slipping problems, at all?