Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Room

So, I thought I'd show you guys around my room today! I live in a moderately sized apartment with one roommate. It's a two bedroom deal with a nice living room and kitchen (through the appliances are ancient). I live in a super expensive college town, so I opted for no air conditioning, baseboard heating, and a very unhelpful and unpleasant landlord, and I still think I pay too much. Oh well? I do have slightly large bedroom, which is really nice.

Here is my room from the door.

Standing beside the bed, heres my workspace. This is where I draw, sew, paint, make cards. There is a nice floor area here also if I scoot the chair in! I love my work area. Its perfect.

Here is a picture of my dresser with my jewelry tree that I bought from etsy and this amazing cat picture that I received for free from a friend! It is eventually going to hang above my bed, whenever I get around to it.

Thats really it! Hope you enjoyed this post =) I love my room, its warm, safe, and full of creativity. I think the Lord for it every day, money-grubbing landlord aside!


ladyjanewriter said...

I love your workspace, with that tree wire thingy.

Addie Marie said...

Oh, how darling! You manage surprisingly well for work space, considering it's all in your bedroom! It puts my organization to shame, haha.

KetchupSoldier said...

I want to paint something for you to put on the wall over your bed. It looks so lonely compared to the awesomeness of the rest of your room!