Saturday, January 8, 2011

How to make a tote bag!

Hey! So here is my very easy post on how to make a tote bag!
This makes a standard sized tote bag, such as you would take to Walmart or Krogers.

You will need:
a thick outside fabric and
fabric for lining

Step 1:
Cut one 36x15 inch piece from both fabrics
Cut two 5x16 pieces for the sides from both fabrics
Cut two 25x4.5 pieces from just the lining fabrics
You should have two body pies and four side pieces and two strap pieces when done.

Step 1.5 (optional): add some lace or other embellishments to your big fabric piece! I added a bit of brown lace.

Step 2: Arrange a fabric side panel and the corresponding fabric bag piece right sides together. The side piece should, of course, be flush to the side of the main piece.

Pin if you wish, and sew a straight stitch down.

Step 2: Now, when you reach the end of the side panel piece you want to stop, of course. It should look like this:

Now you want to take the free edge and allign it with the edge of your main body piece, creating a "bottom" for that main piece. Take the blue to the red.

It should look like this:

When you are done sewing the bottom area, it should look like this:

This is kind of complicated and I hope I explained it well! I don't know correct names for things...

Step 3: Now, take the last edge and align it to the last edge of the main bag piece. Like this

Now sew. Congrats! You have attached the first side!

Step 4: Attach the other side, following the directions above

Step 5: Attach both sides to the lining fabric, and add any pockets if you like!

Step 6: Place your lining in the bag so the wrong sides are together.

Step 7: Fold the top of the bag down once, then down again to encase the raw edges. Pin.

Step 8: Sew all the way around the top of the bag.

Step 9: Now for the straps. Fold in half, wrong sides on the inside, and sew down the free edge. We are creating tubes.

Step 10: Turn right side out.
Fold the ends down.

Step 11: Pin to bag. one on each side.

Step 12: Sew on, using an X pattern as well as getting all sides! Remember: these straps will hold everything! Sew a lot!

Step 13: Go around the top of your bag again, and around both edges of the straps.

Step 14: Go out in style!
 If you have any questions just ask, I'm not sure I was clear on all steps! Hope you have fun and enjoyed the tutorial!


Addie Marie said...

This is fantastic!! Love the size of it, & it seems like a really sturdy bag! Thanks for the tutorial!

kmdelacruz said...

This is so good! I wish I could sew