Monday, May 31, 2021

Reuben's Kindergarten (age 5 years) Recap Post

I feel like everything revolves around my chronic illness. I didn't want to start of this post talking about MY illness when it's about Reuben's school, but you can't have one without the other. We finished our first year of official homeschooling! During a pandemic! With chronic lyme disease! I deserve a metal or at least some chocolate (okay I treat myself to chocolate weekly and I honestly don't want a metal I'm a minimalist) but seriously. WOW. I can't believe it. 

I learned so much. I learned I tend to rush through school with him because I want to get to what we are doing next or because I need to cook lunch...I learned I need to slow down and make school the focus of the day. School is meant to be slow and isn't an afterthought. It needs my full attention!  

I learned I hate doing the same thing every day but my son LOVES it. He thrives (at least right now) on structure!! When I would want to skip math he would HOUND me until I would do it with him because he expected it. He is amazing. He has a lazy sick mama. Bahahaaaha.

Honestly, we did about 1-2 weeks of school with 1-2 weeks off, because of my illness, and repeat. And still he learned so much because life teaches him so much!!! We did the curriculum I designed in 2019. I designed this before I was sick with lyme (I got sick May of 2020) and did a bunch of it!! Oh, back when I had energy and dreams...we also did the delightful reading level one from SCM, their bible memorization kit and three math curriculums. One, we liked and finished, one we didn't, and the master books 1st grade math book that is half completed and we are still working on now. We also got outside as much as possible and are learning names of flowers/herbs. We read LOTS of books from the year zero Ambleside list and joined a wonderful co-op that will hopefully continue next year. It was a wonderfully hard year. Writing down the list of what we did makes me feel less guilty, I feel so guilty for all the time I spent sick with lyme and unable to get out of bed. 

I'm so thankful to be in remission!!!!

We will be doing another year of kindergarten before starting year 1 Ambleside. This next year (2021-2022) we will be focusing on teaching him to read, doing more math from Masterbooks, ordering the delightful reading level two kit, playing more violin, memorizing more verses, reading more of the Bible and...because I am so sick, instead of creating my own curriculum we will be doing Exploring Nature with Children as our core. Since I am in remission now, we plan to start as soon as everything arrives in the mail, which should be July 1st. I'm so excited! 

I did think of putting him in school. But I would miss him. And I really want to homeschool, illness or no illness. Isn't he big? He's growing up so much. 

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