Wednesday, January 8, 2020

A Charlotte Mason Kindergarden Curriculum

Reuben (my eldest) starts homeschooling this year! I am so excited. I am creating a curriculum for him based on Charlotte Mason's teachings. I decided to make it available for free to you guys, if you are interested in seeing what we are doing. My curriculum includes teaching Reuben to read (our goal for the year), instruction in math and handwriting, as well as handicrafts, puzzles, nature identification and bible/scripture memorization. We will also be incorporating basic flute lessons and habit training. Structured outside play will surmise the foundation of our school experience.

This is where I will be posting all of our lessons as PDF downloads for your convenience. Each PDF will include a week of lessons and my notes, and any printables I have designed and used. The lessons build on each other as you can imagine, so if you download number six it assumes you have read 1-5.You are welcome to download these and use them yourself for your own kindergarten as-is, or adjust as needed for your child. Enjoy and may your homeschool be a happy one.

Term 1 

Week One - Dandelion
Week Two - Red Clover
Week Three - Musk Mallow
Week Four - Poppy
Week Five - Thistle
Week Six - Fox and Cubs
Week Seven - Lady Orchid
Week Eight - Cornflower
Week Nine - Forget Me Nots
Week Ten - Red Campion
Week Eleven - Ox Eye Daisy
Week Twelve - Buttercup

Term 2

For term two, I got tired of making weekly printouts. I decided to go the book route.
We did 12 weeks for term two, and I used the following books:

Nature Crafts for Kids
The Nourishing Traditions Cookbook for Children 
TinkerActive Math Kindergarten Workbook
Seabird (first half)
Paddle-to-the-Sea (second half)
Looking at Paintings Dancers
Looking at Paintings Self-Portraits
Classical Music Cds (from Goodwill)
Learn to Letter Primary Writing Tablet (from Walmart near the crayons)
The Usborne Big Book of Spanish Words
Ambleside online year 0 booklist
Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing
Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons
North American Wildlife
Nature Anatomy
The Christian's Treasury of Stories and Songs
My first book of Cutting

I took each book and divided it up so we finished most by 12 weeks.
Here is how I portioned it out.

Term 3

*have not planned yet*

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below. I welcome suggestions too! Next year, we will be doing full Ambleside Online!