Sunday, May 9, 2021

The End of the Baby Years?

I have so many thoughts about the "end of the baby" times in my life, but alas I don't feel like processing all of that right now...

No more babies in the Markey house! Because of my illness and six miscarriages besides, there will be no more little one attempts made here.

And it is sad. I am rejoicing and grieving. What odd times. God is good.

But what to do with all my favorite baby things that I cannot get rid of?!! 

I have begin sewing (by hand) some of my old wraps into things I can use. The first is this rainbow wrap! I turned about 1/8th of it into a cowl. I need to add a button to it but I bet I can do that before fall comes. I also will be making a tote bag and a coin purse and who knows what else out of it. I just can't give it away. It is precious to me!!! And no way am I storing it for 20 years in the hopes my kid will want it. They won't remember being worn--I will though. I'll never ever forget. 

(also I forgot I had bangs. Lets never do that again, future me.) Oh, two year old Reuben....SOB.

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