Monday, July 31, 2017

Giving up to Survive

I'm around fourteen weeks now, and I've started to acclimate to the nausea. In order to reduce my stress I have given up a lot of things that I thought were permanent parts of my life! I am starting to function so whatever works, right?

Here is what I have given up.
  1. Cloth diapers. Reuben is wearing plastic on his butt. Gasp.
  2. Making my husband lunch. He just starves. I mean, he eats at a restaurant for lunch.
  3. Worrying about our budget. I'm pregnant and miserable and just need to eat, not item crunch. Or make lunches for my husband.
  4. Unpaper towels. We bought paper towels for the first time in two years. The Earth can look after it's own self for a few weeks while I figure out how to walk without getting dizzy.
  5. Facebook. I needed to simplify. I've been having panic attacks and stress trying to keep up with my interpersonal relationships. I usually love facebook, but for right now it has to go! I need to get my own ducks in a row before I can worry about toddler advice or vaccine debates.
  6. Worrying about how much TV we are watching. Am I able to lay on the couch? Is my toddler's attention not on me? Yay, who cares what else is happening.
  7. Making videos. Nope, not happening. I can barely feed myself, so filming stuff is at the bottom of the totem.
  8. Finding a picture for this blog post. I mean, all blog posts need pictures, so I slapped one up from Reuben's birthday drive on the blue ridge parkway, but it really isn't relevant to this post. Oh well, I don't care.
Downsizing all these things may not seem like much, but it really has been the world for me! I feel better equipped to deal with my two year old (who is suddenly so two, tantrums and all) and attempt to get something done with my life, like make food. And feed myself. And try to relax so I don't have panic attacks.

You know, priorities.

How are you guys?