Saturday, July 15, 2017

I'm dying and I can't get up

Well, I might be the most melodramatic person on the internet: but baby number two nausea has been the 5th circle of hell. Reuben's pregnancy was only the 10th circle so you can see things have escalated quite a bit.

With Reuben, my nausea was gone by 11 weeks. Completely gone. I'm 12 weeks with this bean and still confined to the fetal position trying not to throw up most nights. 6 out of 7 nights. Some days I have ALL DAY nausea. Oh, and not just nausea. I ALSO have vertigo and I feel like I'm going to pass out all the time.

literally me all the time. not pictured, the bucket to my left
Everyone keeps telling me that second pregnancies are usually worse then first ones. I thought since my body already did this once, it would know what it was doing and be easier on me! Oh well. Lesson learned?

I like to rationalize my nausea. It ranges from 30% to "get me a bucket NOW". I tell husband the percentage so he can gauge my mood. Thirty percent means there might be a dinner when he arrives home. Anything over 50 and he needs to bring take out. Anything over 70 and he can expect to find his mom watching Reuben when he arrives home with me sobbing in the bathroom.

I hate nausea. I don't care what level of nausea you are having--any is bad. A lot is horrible. All day? Good luck getting anything done. I am so far behind on laundry that my husband went to Walmart and bought himself NEW BOXERS to wear instead of washing the 6,405 dirty ones piled up in the washroom. Men.

I have not knit a stitch in four weeks, filmed a video, or showered without calculating how far I am from the toilet. Because I need to know. Really, I do. Mistakes, or missing the toilet...are not fun.

I have not vlogged or cleaned. My husband has been doing the grocery shopping while listening to me whine about how much I hate being nauseous all the time.

Oh and the crusher....we bought Reuben a book about having a sibling. After reading said book to him, daddy asked him if he wanted a sister. He said no.

Later I asked him again. He said, and I quote "not right now mommy."

I just hope he sleeps through the night before the new baby arrives.