Monday, August 7, 2017

Things I need for Second Baby

When I had Reuben I published a list of things I bought for him before he was born. Many of those things (and the things we received from our baby shower) we will use again. We have almost everything we need if we have another boy with the exception of a few infant toys that Reuben utterly destroyed or that I gave away.

So what do we need? There are a few products that have come out since Reuben's birth that have peeked my interest, and a few things I realized I would like to try. So here is what I will be buying for my second baby; yes my sixth pregnancy, but my second birth.

  • I bought a dockatot. Since I have a toddler, this baby will need it's own space and safe area to lay down to sleep. I was lucky to find the infant dockatot (goes up to 8-9 months) for sale used locally for almost 1/2 the price. We will use the dockatot only for naps and lounging (as I said, a safe space for me to place baby that a toddler can learn not to touch) until four months and then I plan on using it as a bedsharing cosleeper. The arms reach cosleeper we bought for Reuben will be used as the baby's sleeping area for nighttime sleeping until four months. Or the tiny kid will just sleep on my chest. Because you can't really predict baby sleep preferences. 
  • I splurged BIG TIME and bought Reuben and new baby a matching pair of rainbow Sloomb Woolies. I love Sloomb Woolies (but they are $70 each)! As this baby is due January 29th I decided wool would be wonderfully useful AND that the money was worth spending. I spent a lot of time looking at the Sloomb website as Reuben was growing but never bought anything. This is my splurge item for the new baby and for Reuben! I'm so excited!
  • Burp cloths. What, you say? You didn't buy burp cloths for Reuben? Well, I had one pack of two. And goodness knows I needed a lot more than two, but never got around to buying more because I was exhausted from being a sleep deprived mom and my brain wasn't functioning well enough to make the connection to buy more. This time we will be buying a lot of burp cloths for sure. I'm thinking cute ones from target--I'll probably add this to my baby sprinkle registry for baby two. 
  • A car seat. Reuben's infant car seat is in good condition and is not expired, so we will reuse it--but we have two cars, and thus will need another baby car seat for my car eventually. 
  • If the baby is a girl (and I am SO HOPEFUL) we will need to buy some "girlish" clothes. I do plan on reusing a lot of Reuben's clothes. I'm not picky and I definitely have sentimental attachments to them; but I do want some things new for this baby, girl or no. 
  • I plan on cloth diapering again. We will only need one or two covers as some of Reuben's covers are completely worn out. I already knit a diaper cover for the new baby, and plan on making several more items as well.
  • Maybe items: there are a few items we are considering but have not purchased yet. A double stroller? A standard Mai tai? And I've been seriously considering a my breast friend nursing pillow. I am not sure if we will buy all those things, but they are on the list to consider. 
What did you guys buy for your first or second baby? Any suggestions to add to the list?