Thursday, July 6, 2017

Crochet Ruffle Boot Cuffs

I've made knit ruffle boot cuffs so of course I had to make crochet ruffle boot cuffs! To make these cuffs you will need a 4.25mm crochet hook (size G) and around 300 yards of worsted weight yarn. Crochet eats up yarn like crazy! I used about 50 yards for each base cuff (so 100 yards total) and about 30 yards for each color ruffled row (so 60 yards total per row per ruffle).

I did rainbow ruffles, but you can do one color or two or six like me! The options are limitless. You can also leave more space between the ruffles if you desire by adding more rows of hdc in the back loops. This is explained in the pattern! Good luck.

You can view the PDF pattern here and the YouTube video below (or here) Happy crocheting!