Thursday, February 23, 2017

Going Zero Waste (A Process)

As I said before, it is my goal in 2017 to go zero waste. I've been moving this direction for the last two years (here is what I've done so far).

My focus over the next three months will be to buy and set up a compost area (we are looking at this one) and to find a way to store our recycling better. Right now it's just a big pile that frustrates me, and sometimes I just put it in the trash for ease. I want to get some big bins and put them outside, with lids--one for each type--that can easily be towed to the car and hitherto deposited at the dump. The lids would ensure that rain does not get in. After a lot of thought I just can't see where to put a "recycling collection place" inside our small home--so outside seems like the best bet for now.

Does anyone out there recycle on a regular basis and have a good home system? We haul our own trash, there is no trash pick up, so we don't have a bin for recycling that goes to the curb. I need something that works, but I truly am stumped. I don't really want to walk outside every time I have to put a glass jar or cardboard item away.

Another thing I want to do is start a garden. I printed plans to build a raised bed, and start with two vegetables for ease. I'm going to do bell peppers and zucchini. The plan is to add 1-2 veggies or fruits a year so I can learn slowly and not get overwhelmed, and build a new garden bed every two years to branch out. Eventually I want to have a full garden each year with a herb section as well.

I've never grown anything so that is a stretch. I'll start with  two veggies this year and see how it goes. One year I tried tomato plants and the deer ate them all. We need a fence as well, it seems--and I've already got plans for one so Reuben can play outside when older with less supervision. He's supposed to get one for his two year birthday--a joint his birthday/mother's day gift. I'm excited. We also plan to get a nice swing set as well, if we can find a good used one. But I digress from the topic.

Those are my plans, for now. I still hope to be zero waste by the end of the year! Small steps, small steps. I need some more produce bags for sure--five is not enough, given the amount of produce we buy and eat!

To update on purchases, I bought a set of washable cupcake liners! Now I don't have to buy cupcake liners ever again. They are silicone and I can't wait to receive them. Now all I have to replace is tissues. As we flush our toilet paper and it breaks down in our tank outside I feel it's already very green and zero waste.